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San Francisco

San Francisco Office - Synapse Product DevelopmentOur Bay Area office is located in the SoMa district in downtown San Francisco. 

"The San Francisco office was one of our first attempts at scaling our business outside the four walls of the Seattle headquarters," says Dylan Garrett, Director of Business Development for Synapse SFO and long-time Synapster. "It was really important for us to maintain the culture that's rooted in Seattle while embracing the uniqueness of the Bay Area. We want Synapse SFO to be very much a part of San Francisco."

640 Bryant St. San Francisco, CA 94107
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San Francisco Office - Synapse Product Development

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San Francisco Office Launch Party - Synapse Product Development

Synapse San Francisco To Host Office Launch Party "We're Here to Play"

Engineering Product Development Firm Is Serious About Planting Roots In The Bay Area

SEATTLE, Aug. 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Synapse San Francisco is hosting "We're Here To Play" on August 9, an office launch party to celebrate its inaugural year in the Bay Area. Synapse SF, which opened November 2011, has enabled the Seattle-based firm to work more closely with its clients and partners in the Bay Area and be a key engineering resource for Silicon Valley and beyond.

"We're throwing this party as a way to officially introduce Synapse to the Bay Area tech community," says Dylan Garrett, Director of Business Development for Synapse SF. "The party will be a chance to meet our new neighbors in a casual setting and thank the ones who have already been so welcoming to us."

Synapse is one of the few engineering companies of its size to offer multi-disciplinary, turnkey collaboration for product development solutions. This has allowed Synapse SF to quickly establish itself as a key player in a community where breakthrough products demand innovation, creative engineering, design integrity, and problem solving, from concept through manufacturing and beyond.

"Right now is a particularly exciting time to be in the product development business, especially in the Bay Area," says Synapse CEO and co-founder Scott Bright. "Consumer awareness has significantly raised the bar for products that are both well-designed and well-built. Synapse has always worked closely and strategically with our partners. Having a presence in the Bay Area allows us to strengthen those relationships and establish new ones in the heart of technology innovation."

Sean Murphy, Director of Engineering Services at Smart Design's San Francisco office, says that in a competitive product market, companies are looking for a seamless end-to-end development process. Murphy adds, "Having Synapse for neighbors in the Bay Area improves our already strong collaborative relationship. We can comfortably support cutting-edge technology projects knowing we can assemble the full team easily and quickly."

Synapse SF marks the company's first move toward sustainable business expansion. In keeping with Synapse tradition, Garrett says he's dedicated to upholding the company's founding principle: that Synapsters dictate the culture.

"I want Synapse to be very much a part of San Francisco," says Garrett. "It shouldn't feel like a Seattle company, but rather an active member of the San Francisco community. Recruiting talent from the Bay Area has allowed Synapse SF to embrace the culture of the region in a way that feels natural. We're excited to be a part of this vibrant and innovative region and are looking forward to working with all of the amazing individuals and companies here."

News Releases

Synapse Product Development Opens New Locations in San Francisco and Hong Kong

Expansion Offers Clients Regional Engineering and Support Services

Seattle - Synapse Product Development has recently opened new offices in San Francisco and Hong Kong. The expansion into California provides new and future clients in the Bay Area with regional engineering, project management, and sales resources while the new office in China enables Synapse to provide its clients worldwide with customized New Product Introduction (NPI) services and support.

"As a center of innovation and technological advances the San Francisco area has unmatched partnership opportunities," said Scott Bright, Synapse CEO. “Opening an office in the Bay Area allows Synapse to work more strategically with our partners in the Silicon Valley while also increasing our exposure to new and exciting possibilities."

The addition of new clients and continued growth with existing partners has allowed Synapse to double its engineering headcount over the last year. With the San Francisco presence, Synapse will be able to better collaborate with Bay Area and Silicon Valley clients and attract exceptional new talent to the company.

The multidisciplinary team in San Francisco will be located in the SOMA neighborhood and grounded in the same core values the company was founded on: work/life balance, collaboration, seeking out technically challenging work, innovation, creativity, and the opportunity for employee growth.

Along with increased personnel and client opportunities in the Bay Area, Synapse has also expanded into localized services in Hong Kong to support the delivery of quality production and manufacturing. Highlights of the NPI services offered by Synapse include: vendor identification and selection, build planning, manufacturing oversight, production testing, quality control, and supply chain management. Establishing an NPI specific office in China ensures that Synapse will preserve product integrity through production, and simplify the client’s experience by being the continuous touchpoint.

“Moving into Hong Kong and offering localized NPI services is critical as Synapse is dedicated to ensuring design integrity from concept through production,” said Chris Massot, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Synapse. “In order to maintain that continuity, we need to be on the ground in Asia where manufacturing happens for so many of our clients.”

Synapse Product Development provides Mechanical, Electrical and Software Engineering services, and supplies essential project management and innovative product design assistance to a broad range of clients from garage inventors to Fortune 500 companies.


About Synapse

Founded in 2001, Synapse Product Development solves the most difficult engineering challenges from concept through manufacturing for the leading entertainment, consumer electronics, life-sciences, and healthcare companies and organizations in the world. Synapse is headquartered in Seattle, Washington with additional offices in San Francisco and Hong Kong.

San Francisco Office

October 06, 2011

With a new location in the SoMa district, Synapse joins the booming Bay Area.