Synapse Company Culture - product engineers and product developers

Wednesday Lunch

Wednesday Lunch at Synapse Product DevelopmentSomething Synapsters do well is work and collaborate together. At the heart of our camaraderie is Wednesday Lunch, where all Synapsters gather to discuss new developments within the company, meet new co-workers, and discuss all-things Synapse. It's a great opportunity to find solutions, ask questions, make suggestions, and even make each other laugh. It's another example of Synapse's commitment to its people.

Thursday Active

Thursday Active - San Francisco Synapse Product DevelopmentThursday Active started as a way to do things together in and out of the office and unwind near the end of the week. Thursday Active is more than a happy hour, although that is one of the activities. It is a way for San Francisco Synapse coworkers, friends, family, and clients to get to know each other and more about the Synapse culture during a BBQ, an outing to the Academy of Science, a mountain biking excursion, or a Giants game. At Synapse, we take work and play seriously.


Beer:30 at Seattle Synapse Product DevelopmentBeer:30 started as an opportunity to unwind at the end of a busy week. And, even though a new keg is tapped every other Friday, it has become much more than an after work get-together at our Seattle HQ. Synapse friends, family, coworkers, and clients are invited to get to know what the office culture is all about. Beer:30 is also a way for Synapse to find new talent and partners. At Synapse, we take work and play seriously.

Synapster Events

Synapster Events at Synapse Product DevelopmentMountain/Island Madness: Uncle Synapse brings the food and beer, employees bring themselves and their families and enjoy the great outdoors.

Other Events: Poker nights, Mariners baseball games, Halloween costume party, holiday party, Pinewood derby, and other fun outings.