Marek Myszko

Head of Analytical Mech Engineering

San Francisco

Marek is the Head of Analytical Engineering with a tenure spanning 16 years with the Synapse and Cambridge Consultants family. A leader of mechanical teams in the UK, Boston, and West Coast, Marek has touched almost every aspect of product development in the organization with notable accolades ranging from ultrasonic motor development and robotic vacuum cleaner modules, warehouse automation robots and high performance / low cost marine turbines, to novel skin cooling technology for a laser-based cosmetic hair removal. Previously he held positions in markets such as nuclear power, food and beverage, automotive industries, as well as was a group lead at Dyson responsible for designing the world’s first 100,000rpm plastic turbocharger style fan.

Marek holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Honors) and PhD. in Computational Fluid Dynamics from Cranfield University.