Stephen Kreiger

Mechanical Engineering Program Lead


Stephen Kreiger is a senior mechanical engineering technical lead with nine years of experience in product development, mechanical design, and interdisciplinary team leadership. He has deep expertise in wearable consumer electronics, electromechanical integration, and design for manufacturing and assembly.

Stephen has played key engineering and team leadership roles in more than 30 different projects, consulting for nearly two dozen clients across a wide variety of industries. He has worked on miniaturized apparel-embedded electronics, a hydrogen fuel cell based portable phone charger, numerous wrist-worn smart devices, VR systems, handheld ruggedized electronics, flexible electronics, robotic plant health monitoring and automated growing, and ingress protection of delicate electronics in harsh environments.

Stephen holds Bachelor’s degrees in mechanical engineering, mathematics, and physics from the University of Washington and is listed on US patent 20160041531. For nine years, he held the official Guinness World Record for longest distance flown by a paper airplane – designing, folding, and throwing his plane 207ft 4in.

Outside of his profession, he enjoys exploring the great outdoors with his family and friends, as well as competing in archery competitions.

Stephen believes that truly amazing things can be accomplished through the power of empathy and teamwork, because all of us together are smarter than any of us alone.