Synapse COVID-19 Statement

As we collectively navigate the Covid-19 pandemic, our top priority is the safety and well-being of our team, families, clients, and partners. At Synapse, we pride ourselves on our inventive problem solving, and are applying this mindset to the unprecedented situation at hand. We have put proactive measures in place to manage our business accordingly.

We have an established policy defining our response to the virus, based on Centers for Disease Control best practices and local government directives. This policy includes guidelines to reduce the risk of transmission, protection of high-risk individuals, isolation rules for those infected or potentially infected, office access rules, and travel considerations. We are continually updating our policy as local governments and health authorities provide new guidance.

In concert with supporting public health and the health of our people, we are dedicated to minimizing disruption to project delivery for our clients. With multiple offices and many projects spanning sites, we are accustomed to remote collaboration. Our IT infrastructure supports robust remote capabilities—all of our employees have encrypted laptops, VPN and remote access, collaborative working tools, and video conferencing capabilities. All client data stays in our secure, protected systems and is encrypted both in transit and at rest. We are able to access our offices, equipment, and laboratories for minimum basic functions to facilitate the vast majority of our work being executed remotely. We have developed an updated network of suppliers and partners able to perform critical services like PCB fabrication and assembly as well as injection molding.

Despite these challenging times, we remain committed to working with clients to drive product development innovation. Please reach out with any questions or concerns.

Jeff Hebert
President, Synapse Product Development