May 1112, 2023

Carbon Unbound

22 Vanderbilt, New York City

One Billion Tons of Carbon Removed. How Do We Get There?

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On the Road to Gigaton-Scale DAC Deployment


Date: Thursday, May 11th

Time: 11:20 AM – 12:05 PM


Panel Agenda

  • What are the main barriers standing in the way of a megaton-scale facility?
  • What process innovations have helped drive down DAC costs in the last year? Where is the low hanging fruit?
  • Which emerging DAC technologies, such as electro-swing adsorption (ESA), are showing promise over more established systems? Where do we need to focus more investment or R&D?
  • What innovative systems hold the key to optimize energy requirements, increase efficiency, or minimize water use?
  • How are companies addressing the utilization of renewable power when the grid is still not decarbonised?