January 58, 2023

CES 2023


It’s almost time


We’ve missed the sights, sounds, and even the smells of Las Vegas. But most of all we’ve missed you!

We’ll be hosting a kickoff party in Vegas during CES on the evening of Thursday, Jan 5th. The theme of the evening? People, Planet + Robots! Come be a live audience member for a taping of the Hardware to Save a Planet podcast, then stick around if you have time for drinks, food, project demos, and more. Space is limited, so let us know soon (fill out this form or reach out to your favorite Synapster) if you’d like to join and we’ll pass along the details.

Hope to see you there!

P.S. – read on to learn more about some of the projects and collaborations that we’re excited to share this year at CES.

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Robotic emotional-support animals

Tombot makes robotic animals that transform the daily lives of individuals, families and communities facing serious health adversities. Synapse redesigned Tombot’s handcrafted prototype “Jennie” from the ground up to make their robotic emotional support animal as realistic as possible. Tombot CEO and Co-founder Tom Stevens will be showcasing the product of our collaborative efforts.


meet Jennie

Hardware to Save a Planet

Over 50 million tons of e-waste is created each year that consists of devices that were designed to be obsolete in a matter of months. There is a company that is bucking the trend by making sleek, performant, and affordable devices that can easily be repaired and upgraded to increase their useful life and reduce waste. Host Dylan Garrett, will be talking with Nirav Patel, CEO and founder of Framework, to discuss what he and his team are doing to fix the e-waste problem.

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Putting atmospheric CO2 to work

AirCapture develops commercial direct air capture systems that enable businesses to capture carbon dioxide from ambient air and put the CO2 directly into their production processes. Synapse partnered with AirCapture to optimize the system design, improve key performance metrics, and enhance manufacturability.

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Proactively manage your cat’s health

Purina partnered with Synapse and Cambridge Consultants to develop the Petivity Smart Litterbox Monitor system, which transforms data about your cat’s litterbox behavior & weight into insights about their well-being. The team behind Petivity will be showcasing the product at our event in Las Vegas.

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Reducing bycatch with smart-nets

Approximately 300,000 sea animals die from fishing net entanglement every year. Our partners at Arizona State University have developed a solar-powered lighted buoy that would dramatically reduce bycatch and protect marine life worldwide. Synapse is working with ASU to streamline the smart-nets design, optimize manufacturing, and simplify the supply chain for worldwide distribution. We will be demonstrating how the illuminated net works inside a 30-gallon fish tank with a sea animal inside!

Save money on utilities with machine vision

Statistics show that less than 10 percent of the plastic we use ends up in recycling bins. We have a solution that would not just help the environment but can also help you save money on your utility bill. Synapse software engineering technical lead Jonathon Ross will talk about the power of machine vision and show how it works.

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