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Silicon Valley AgTech Conference

Event Name

Silicon Valley AgTech Conference

May. 13, 2019

May 13, 2019

Santa Clara, CA

Venue: Santa Clara Convention Center
Stand: AT1


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We’re pleased to join our colleagues at Cambridge Consultants as gold sponsors of the Silicon Valley AgTech Conference! We’ll be showcasing our latest developments in AI-enhanced machine vision and our autonomous data collection platform.


The Future of Vertical Farming: The Intelligent Ecosystem 



In the afternoon, Andy Anderson, Director of Industrial and AgTech Business, will be speaking about harnessing innovations to help drive efficiencies in vertical farms.

Visit us at stand AT1 and experience the technology that is helping shape the future of agritech.


An Innovative, integrated systems approach to vertical farming

Date | 13 May 2019
Time | 1:40pm - 2pm
Speakers | Andy Anderson

Vertical farming is reaching a crossroads. It promises increased food production, higher quality and locally-grown crops. How can innovation be harnessed to drive down operational costs and make vertical farming commercially viable? What’s needed is a true networked systems approach, incorporating sensors and other inputs that provide feedback to the system’s “brain”, allowing the system to adjust itself. We will share our vision of the technologies needed to create such a system and share examples of leading-edge work that is already shaping the future of farming indoors.



Data Gathering Tools to Make the Right Crop Management Decisions [Blog Post]

The Future of Vertical Farming: The Intelligent Ecosystem [Whitepaper]

AI and the Future of Agriculture [Video]

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