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[Virtual Event] Women In Tech Regatta

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[Virtual Event] Women In Tech Regatta

Aug. 13, 2020

The WIT Regatta is a gathering to connect (wo)men in tech to mentors, peers, & resources. Happening virtually this year, you can design your own conference experience and take charge of what matters most to you. From reinvention strategies to help you sail thru change, to #WhatWouldChadDo, from navigating remote work, to building relationships with allies, mentors and sponsors. Have captivating conversations. Meet your new boss or your new best friend. Connect with local women in tech groups, with senior execs and startup founders, investors and engineers.






Riding the Wave of FemTech and Securing the Supply Chain


Thursday, August 13th
8:00am - 9:30am PT 


COVID-19 has changed the way we live. Technology in healthcare has a long history, and there has been a trend towards tele-medicine pre-virus. That movement has been accelerated. There are also changes in supply chain and vaccine distribution, as well as new discoveries in women’s health. This track offers an introduction to some of the cutting edge work being done amidst our new normal.


Riding the Wave of FemTech - Innovation for Women, by Women

Speaker | Martine Stillman, VP of Engineering, Synapse

“FemTech” is a convenient word for recognizing that women have unique health and wellness needs and there are opportunities where an advancement in product offerings can positively impact a woman's journey. From puberty to post-menopause, fertility to postpartum, we can address female-specific needs by providing products directed at improving prevention, awareness, diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring/rehabilitation. The market potential for addressing these specific areas is expected to exceed $48B by 2025 , providing sufficient impetus to take these ideas into reality.

In this talk, we’ll discuss the development of three products developed specifically for the FemTech market; the Ava fertility tracker, the Pebl menopause cooler, and the Vega uterine treatment device, and what we learned about the product development process along the way. As a group we’ll discuss we’ll take a look at what’s missing, and how we can all support and advance this community of innovation.


Securing the Supply Chain in the New Era of Attack

Speaker | Camille Morhardt, Technical Assistant and Chief of Staff, Intel

In 2019 the US Government warned that "foreign adversaries are increasingly creating and exploiting vulnerabilities in information and communications technology and services [that run sensitive data, the digital economy, and critical infrastructure]...with potentially catastrophic effects." Learn more about current research into threats and prototyping and development of preventative measures.

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