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Fortune 500 Engineering Manager

"Synapse did in 10 weeks with 3 engineers what our company would have taken 14 months and 20 people to do."

Philips Oral Healthcare

Sonicare AirFloss

Project by Synapse Product Development

Designed and engineered as an effective way to clean interproximally, the Sonicare AirFloss uses breakthrough microburst technology to deliver microdroplets of air and water to remove plaque biofilm between teeth. Adhering to the Philips Sonicare standards of performance and safety requirements, the AirFloss can quickly clean the entire mouth in just 60 seconds. In 2012 the AirFloss won a Bronze award in IDSA’s 2012 International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA). The innovative device was a winner in IDEA’s new bathroom, spa and wellness category.


  • Highly effective interproximal cleaning
  • Microburst technology cleans mouth in 60 seconds
  • Inductive charging
  • 1.0 Newton-metre spring


  • Microchip PIC

Leading Consumer Security Company

"We were pleased to collaborate with a partner that shared the same commitment towards product design and engineering excellence."


Nike+ SportWatch GPS

Project by Synapse Product Development

When Nike and TomTom decided to combine TomTom’s GPS expertise and Nike’s motivating Nike+ experience in a GPS running watch, they called on Synapse’s engineering teams. Synapse supported the project from initial discussions through the first several months of early production to ensure both company’s goals were met. In early conversations regarding product experience, Synapse offered innovative ways to leverage available technology to manage power, while meeting performance metrics.

Synapse also identified ways to enable the duo’s desire to integrate the charging and downloading cable into the device without additional cables. Accomplishing this up front enabled Nike and TomTom to understand how the product would look and perform. Synapse also worked closely with Nike and TomTom to identify partners capable of meeting their high standards for quality, reliability, and execution.

The Nike+ SportWatch GPS is designed for high performance with high visibility backlit LCD display providing the runner with critical in-run metrics of time, average & instantaneous pace, distance and heart rate. The watch also has motivational features to the running experience, including run reminders and messages that inspire you before and after every run. More details at:


Nike+ SportBand

Project by Synapse Product Development

The Nike+ SportBand is a ultra-low-power 2.4GHz radio combined with the Nike+ RF protocol enabling a unique running experience. The electronics pops out of the band to reveal an integrated USB connector used to upload your workout stats. The Nike+ SportBand tracks your pace, distance, time, and calories burned while you run or walk. Plus, with the Polar Wearlink+, you can track your heart rate. Connect to to see your runs, check your NikeFuel, set goals, map new routes, and share your runs with friends. More details at:


Archerfish Solo

Project by Synapse Product Development

Award-winning Archerfish Solo™ is a thinking video surveillance system that understands what it sees. Just tell it what to look for – expected events, unanticipated intrusions, or just the odd things that can happen when you’re not around – and Archerfish sends video alerts to any number of mobile phone or email addresses when they happen. With Intelligent Surveillance Technology that’s more advanced than motion detection, you won’t get false alerts every time tree branches move or a pet walks in front of the camera. A complete system, this 802.11 wireless IP camera with built-in DVR is teamed with the Archerfish SmartPortal for anytime, anywhere access to view live and recorded video, and to customize system settings.



Project by Synapse Product Development

Synapse has partnered with the nano-molecular and genetic analysis company for nearly a decade, contributing their IP portfolio and developing automated processing instrumentation with precision optics, machine, fluidic chemical processing, and electro-chemical analysis. We developed the ElectraSense® product for array-based analysis, which measures up to 12,000 probes on an array in less than 25 seconds and is the most commercially available today.