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Special weapons and tactics - Synapse Product Development

The Bamboo Bottle Company

Bamboo Bottle

Project by Synapse Product Development

The Bamboo Bottle Company initially approached Synapse for industrial design services to integrate their individual components and assembly concepts into an elegant, tasteful, and “cool” solution. As follow up to that initial work, BBC approached Synapse again to incorporate not only ID services but mechanical engineering support all the way through contract manufacturing selection and release for their new “Coffee Top” and “Sport Top” product line.


Exbiblio Qi

Project by Synapse Product Development

When Exbiblio set out to build tools for connecting the worlds of online and print media, they built a dream list of features that would need to be included in a device no larger than an iPod shuffle. Synapse engineers pushed the technology boundaries of manufacturable design to new limits of density and met these ambitious goals for a successful initial product launch.

Philips Oral Healthcare

ASIC Simulation Platform

Project by Synapse Product Development

In order to drive down cost-of-goods and accelerate the schedule for the famed ultrasonic toothbrush, Synapse designed and produced a custom non-form-factor development platform for concurrent hardware/software work.


QuickCam Orbit AF

Project by Synapse Product Development

The QuickCam Orbit AF was the world's first consumer videoconferencing camera with machine vision and automated pan/tilt capability. This camera recognizes the human face in the field of view and tracks the subject's movements to keep features in focus and centered in the screen.