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Human Augmentation

Unleashing human potential and experience in the digital age

As digital innovation explodes, the interface between humans and the digital world is undergoing an equally impactful transformation. Innovative companies are leading the way by making it simpler for people to interact with technology.


Whether you aspire to launch a breakthrough product or to significantly improve your operating efficiency, the latest in sensing, machine learning, and user interfaces like voice, haptics, and gestures will enable you to capitalize on the game-changing trends of Human Augmentation.


Our ability to bring together and integrate solutions in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Wearables & Biometrics, and Digital Interfaces empowers our clients to deliver breakthrough innovation in their markets.

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Custom sensing of users and environments

We have been developing novel sensing solutions to track and understand people for years, including biometrics, motion, location, voice, touch, and eye tracking.

To provide critical context to our sensing of users, our teams also have world-class capabilities in novel environmental sensing techniques and tools, including vision systems, acoustics and DSP, wireless, and custom location-tracking technologies.

Powerful algorithms at the edge

To keep pace with users and efficiently make sense of huge amounts of data from arrays of sensors, our teams encompass both embedded system specialists as well as algorithm and machine learning experts. This combination lets us run low-power, low-latency algorithms on edge devices as well as tiered algorithms that require cloud data or processing power.

With sophisticated algorithms, we can detect and recognize gestures, objects of interest, voices, vitals, and even more complex aspects of users like emotion.

Seamless and intuitive feedback mechanisms

For human augmentation to reach its full potential, it needs to go beyond sensing users—it needs to also provide intuitive feedback to them in real time.

We have expertise interfacing with the human senses, using tools spanning from the latest display technologies and custom optical systems to audio and haptics.

Ruggedized, miniaturized, ergonomic embodiments

We pack sensing, processing, interaction mechanisms, and wireless connectivity into tiny, beautiful devices that stand up to the abuse of day-to-day life on the body while meeting manufacturability and cost targets.

We have deep expertise in reducing system power consumption as well as finding inventive ways to achieve desired industrial design envelopes.

World-leading wireless capabilities

The cloud is where the digital world is progressing at an unprecedented pace, so human augmentation devices need to tap into it and push data back to it without tethering users. Our world-class wireless team can tackle even the toughest challenges in connectivity, throughput, charging, and security, no matter the protocol, target, or constraint.

Case Studies

Client | Nasa

VR Tracked Astronaut Tools

In order to create a truly immersive experience to train astronauts, NASA engaged Synapse to help them seamlessly blend the real and virtual worlds with custom built VR training tools.

Client | Valve

Steam Controller

Valve, a leading developer and distributor of PC games, enlisted Synapse to support productization and launch of its first hardware product, a revolutionary game controller designed for the most di

Client | Nike

Nike+ FuelBand

Nike approached Synapse with the exciting mission to make the Livestrong band smart--an extraordinarily low power wearable device to monitor and motivate users during daily usage.