Clinton Global Initiative: Synapse Attends Clinton Global Initiative America


Clinton Global Initiative: Synapse Attends Clinton Global Initiative America

Recent News - Jun. 13, 2012

Synapse attends Clinton Global Initiative America

Last week, Synapse Product Development joined nearly 1,000 private and public sector interests for the 2012 Clinton Global Initiative America conference. Convened in Chicago by former President Bill Clinton, the annual gathering of business, government, non-profit, and NGO leaders met to share ideas and explore collaborative solutions for problems flagging the U.S. economy.

“Like Synapse, the Clinton Global Initiative is interested in creating solutions for hard problems, and not just talking about them,” says Chris Massot, Synapse’s VP of Sales & Marketing. “Synapse is committed to giving back to the community and to our country, and we feel CGI America is an excellent organization with similar intentions to ours.”

With opening announcements and discussions lead by Clinton, the working meeting is dedicated to forging new partnerships and agreeing to industry-wide commitments for a healthier, robust economy. Following announcements and plenary sessions boasting major business and government figures, attendees broke into 12 topic-specific “Working Groups” to address issues relevant to their business or interest. As a leader in global innovation, Synapse was proud to share the knowledge it has in the areas of Advanced Manufacturing and Renewable Energy, two of CGI’s core focuses.

CGI America is about as much about people as it is about business, which has been a core value of Synapse since day one. As a leader in global innovation, Synapse hopes others will be inspired to rethink the current models that shape our economy and our society.

“Synapse’s goal is to become more competitive global citizens,” says Scott Bright, CEO and co-founder of Synapse. “We feel CGI’s intent is similar to ours—to enable the next generation of innovative solutions that the world will need.”

For more information on the outcomes from the 2012 meeting, read the CGI press release.

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