IDSA: Synapse Partner Wins 2012 IDSA Award


IDSA: Synapse Partner Wins 2012 IDSA Award

Recent News - Jun. 11, 2012

Sonicare Airfloss - IDEA 2012 Bronze Medal Winner

Philips, an industry leader in oral healthcare technology, has won a Bronze award in IDSA’s 2012 International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) for its Sonicare Airfloss. The innovative device, which employs a technology involving a microburst of air and water, was a winner in IDEA’s new bathroom, spa and wellness category.

A breakthrough in interproximal cleaning, the Sonicare Airfloss was recognized by IDSA for its effectiveness as well as its ergonomic and user-friendly attributes, calling it an "easier-to-use alternative to dental floss." Using only one tablespoon of water, the Sonicare Airfloss cleans in between all teeth in 60 seconds and removes 99% more plaque than a manual toothbrush.



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