Synapse Attending World Agri-Tech and Bluetooth World


Synapse Attending World Agri-Tech and Bluetooth World

Recent News - Mar. 23, 2017

Since our acquisition by Cambridge Consultants last year, Synapse has been eager to partner with their team at industry events. Our booth at CES was a major success and we’re especially thrilled to be attending two Bay Area events with Cambridge Consultants this month, World Agri-Tech Investment Summit and Bluetooth World. This is our first time participating in these events and we’re excited to share the stand with the Cambridge Consultants team!

World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit will be in San Francisco from March 28-29, 2017. The Cambridge team is excited to reveal their Smart Connected Soil network prototype and novel on-demand manufacturing process for microcapsules. Both systems offer potentially huge savings for growers through more targeted application of water, pesticides and fertilizers. 

Niall Mottram, Head of AgriFood at Cambridge Consultants, will speak on technological advances for farming at the Delivering the Future Farm panel. Synapse will be sending San Francisco Managing Director Anthony Del Balso and Account Director Dylan Garrett to the event to cheer him on! Will you be at World Agri-Tech? Please connect with Anthony or Dylan to set up a meeting!

Bluetooth World will be hosted at the Santa Clara Convention Center from March 28-29, 2017. Cambridge Consultants will present their radical vision for low cost connectivity, based on Pizzicato and Bluetooth Beacons, as well as demonstrate development with a systems level perspective to guide your connected device design. The Synapse team is proud to present our work with the San Francisco 49ers state-of-the-art Levis Stadium at the Cambridge Consultants booth.

Rob Milner, the Cambridge Consultants Head of Smart Systems, Wireless and Digital Services Division, will present an industry keynote on The Search for Ultra-Low Cost IoT. Synapse Software Engineering Tech Lead, Keren Danon, and Electrical Engineering Program Lead, Alex Sutton, will represent Synapse at this event. If you’re interested in stopping by the booth, or setting up a meeting, please contact Keren or Alex!

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