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Product Realization

Brilliant designs deserve the best manufacturing solutions

We deliver success for our clients by finding and delivering the optimum manufacturing solution for their innovative product developments.

By expertly managing risk, cost, time and quality, we ensure maximum return on their investment.

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At the end of the day, without the independent support of Synapse's team, we wouldn't have achieved our goals for cost, performance, and time to market.

Finding the best solutions

We are completely independent of any manufacturer, technology or design house. This ensures commercial alignment with our clients’ best interests. We are also committed to protecting their IP. 

Our teams can scale to meet even the most aggressive time-to-market and product cost objectives. As a result, our clients can confidently schedule launch and forecast revenue, while our rigorous processes and regulatory expertise ensure quality is never compromised.

Thinking ahead for better results

As world leaders in product development, creating breakthrough technology is simply what we do, and design for excellence (DFX) is baked into that process. 

We focus on risk reduction during every stage of development, ensuring we always reach the right technology choices for our clients. From the outset of each project, we live and breathe design for manufacture (DFM), test (DFT), cost (DFC) and disassembly (DFD) to minimize environmental impact.

Choosing the right partners

We have a robust and proven process for audit and selection of manufacturing partners, including aggressive cost-reduction and should-cost analysis. 

We can provide full outsource supply chain development, or offer a helping hand to solve a specific manufacturing problem.

Perfecting Production

We perform manufacturing line and process design, test development and validation for rapid production ramp up, having recently taken a project from pencil sketch to 20,000 units in just 5 months.

Our in-house build labs replicate a manufacturing facility; allowing us to perfect the manufacturing process before moving to the manufacturing site.

Once transferred, we’re there to provide ongoing support for optimization of our clients’ manufacturing processes.

Case Studies

Client | Valve

Steam Controller

Valve, a leading developer and distributor of PC games, enlisted Synapse to support productization and launch of its first hardware product, a revolutionary game controller designed for the most di

Client | Nike

Nike+ FuelBand

Nike approached Synapse with the exciting mission to make the Livestrong band smart--an extraordinarily low power wearable device to monitor and motivate users during daily usage.

Client | SNUPI Technologies

Wally Home

SNUPI Technologies approached Synapse to provide mechanical engineering support to improve a detailed design and release package for mass production of the Wally Home.