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Archerfish Solo

Project Overview

Award-winning Archerfish Solo™ is a thinking video surveillance system that understands what it sees. Just tell it what to look for – expected events, unanticipated intrusions, or just the odd things that can happen when you’re not around – and Archerfish sends video alerts to any number of mobile phone or email addresses when they happen. With Intelligent Surveillance Technology that’s more advanced than motion detection, you won’t get false alerts every time tree branches move or a pet walks in front of the camera. A complete system, this 802.11 wireless IP camera with built-in DVR is teamed with the Archerfish SmartPortal for anytime, anywhere access to view live and recorded video, and to customize system settings.

  • Anytime, Anywhere Access: Get alerts on any mobile phone or email. View live and recorded video, and manage your system online from any computer, iPhone, or iPod Touch with the Archerfish SmartPortal. Android access is coming soon.
  • Intelligent Surveillance Technology: Draw detection zones and schedule Archerfish to look for people, cars or other moving objects in each zone. Archerfish is smart enough to ignore everything else so you don’t get false alerts from irrelevant motion, like rain.
  • Customizable Video Alerts: Tell Archerfish what to watch for and how you want to receive the information
  • Multi-functional Camera: Indoor/outdoor, low-light, 802.11 wireless, color camera with H.264 compressed, high-resolution video and built-in DVR.
  • Tamper detection: Get automatic alerts when Archerfish detects power loss or poor video.
  • Flexible Recording: Archerfish automatically and securely stores alert video clips on your personal SmartPortal, so they don’t have to be stored on your computer hard drive. 24/7 DVR video is recorded onto the included MicroSD card.
  • Expandable System: Add an unlimited number of Archerfish cameras, even in different time zones, and manage everything online from your personal SmartPortal
  • Video Search Engine: Search event alerts by type of event, date, time and location