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Ibiza Rhapsody

Project Overview

The first personal media player to feature integrated Wi-Fi, bluetooth, and web browser. The Rhapsody allowed on-the-fly purchasing of AOL/Time Warner music, videos, podcasts, as well as Real Networks, Rhapsody music stream. The ultra-low-power consumption, innovative capacitive touch interface and premium quality materials put this player ahead of the curve.

  • Streams music and video
  • Hi-fidelity bluetooth wireless + FM Tuner
  • “Simple click” tactile response capacitive touchpad
  • First portable player independent of computer
  • Web browser (Mini-Mo)
  • Innovative capacitive touch pad with push tactile selection, Synapse innovation
  • First simultaneous wi-fi and bluetooth streaming second generation hi-fi streaming A2DP on two separate 2.4ghz networks, with mac-layer arbitration on the data packets


  • 30 GB HD/4GB flash memory
  • 802.11 b/g
  • Bluetooth A2DP/AVRCP
  • TPS65811 PMIC
  • TPS6301 buck-boost
  • TPS65810 Li+ battery manager
  • MX31 Freescale multimedia processor
  • Cypress PSOC true-touch control