Our client, FORME Life, has launched the most immersive and engaging experience in home fitness to date. After four years in development, FORME Life’s home studio concept transforms an elegant, full-length mirror designed by Yves Béhar into a personal strength studio for body and mind. Now available for pre-order in two distinct models, the Full Studio and Screen-Only Studio, every detail has been considered to blur the line between home gym and home decor.

“FORME Life is designed for people who care about their well-being and who care about design. Since it disappears when not in use, it beautifully integrates into a home, and you won’t feel the need to sacrifice a room for your fitness equipment,” says Béhar, co-founder and CCO, FORME Life.

When turned on, the display features a huge variety of live and on-demand personal training sessions to suit individual needs with a user-friendly touchscreen experience complete with voice control. The Full Studio experience features high-tech strength training equipment that pushes you to the limit and disappears when not in use. When turned off, FORME Life is a sleek mirror that blends effortlessly into the rest of the home.

“This is what I’ve been telling my clients to hold out for,” says Harley Pasternak, renowned celebrity trainer and Chief Fitness Advisor to FORME Life. “We are bringing together the most in-demand experts from every discipline to deliver the most thoughtfully curated content in the industry.”

By partnering with the best body and mind experts in Los Angeles, FORME Life will feature original programming in strength training, barre, boxing, meditation, cardio, core, pilates, dance, and more. Additionally, there will be cutting-edge content that goes far beyond traditional fitness practices to provide unexpected workouts. Users will be able to explore specialized experiences they won’t find anywhere else, from Kundalini yoga with a house music DJ to super moon sound baths.

Each day, FORME Life can deliver a personalized workout based on the user’s preferences and current fitness journey. Aided by machine learning and AI, the Full Studio can suggest the correct resistance level for a given strength exercise and dynamically adjusts as the user’s performance changes. FORME Life leverages its stereoscopic cameras and advanced technology in human-centric computer vision to provide accurate guidance on form and technique. Or, if a user prefers to train with their chosen fitness professional for human feedback, both studios are enabled for two-way, live interaction. FORME Life surpasses the competition in every category of design and function, boasting a mirrored 43-inch 4K UHD display, voice control, and a touchscreen to complement the dynamic training content.

“Helping people get stronger to live happier, healthier lives is core to everything we do. We’re a content-first company, which is why we developed two versions of our studio, enabling us to deliver world-class live and on-demand content to more people based on their unique needs, wants, and wellness goals,” says Trent Ward, co-founder and CEO, FORME Life.

Available for pre-order, the Full Studio is $110/month for 39 months and the Screen-Only Studio is $58/month for 39 months for qualified purchasers. FORME Life’s ever-evolving original content can be experienced by everyone in the home with a $39/month multi-user membership.

For more information and to place a pre-order, please visit formelife.com.

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