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Pay with your heartbeat

More and more consumers are now opting for mobile payments instead of the conventional methods of payment while in store. You might have already heard of mobile payments with fingerprint scanning. But paying for things you buy will become much easier than ever before. Now a wearable is being developed which will use your heartbeat to make the payments. The Nymi Band is a wearable biometric identity gadget which uses your heart’s unique heartbeat to verify and confirm your identity.

It works by using your electrocardiogram, or ECG, the wristband authenticates your identity. The ECG acts as a unique biometric. The band’s algorithm studies the shape of the ECG waveform and takes out unique and steady features of your physiology.You don’t have to go through the hassles of remembering your passwords or pin numbers any more with this band.

Charles Manry- at Synapse Product Development

Senior RF Engineer