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The Briggo Coffee Haus

The Briggo Coffee Haus is a coffee lover's dream.

Inside its retro-fabulous, wood-paneled exterior, The Coffee Haus is pure future. It takes your order remotely, via mobile app. It already knows what you want, since it saved your order from last time to the cloud. And there's no standing around: when your drink is ready, it texts you to let you know. 

Best of all, the Coffee Haus lets you see, hear, and smell what's going on inside of it, from grinding to brewing. So even though your coffee's fast, it doesn't lose its soul.

Briggo doesn't intend to disrupt the coffee shop market, but rather to improve the automated coffee space. That means that where you used to find only vending machines that dispensed bitter, black liquid-formerly-known-as-coffee (like airports) you might now find a Coffee Haus to give you delicious, freshly-ground and brewed future-coffee. Delicious. 


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10 Seattle 1 - Decatur