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Flying Solar Cities

Architect Tomas Saraceno has re-designed Alexander Graham Bell's 1899, beautifully geometric flying machine to prototype the imaginary floating solar city of the future.

From Gizmodo:

Each sail is made out of a paper-thin solar cell. And the framework itself is fabricated from carbon fiber, making it even lighter than Bell's. Unlike it, though, it's not designed to go anywhere (in fact, it's anchored to the ground), since Saraceno says it's a demonstration of how future buildings and cities could float, stationary, above the earth. That's a fairly wild concept, but that's sort of Saraceno's MO as an artist.

"Play is one of the learning processes in life," he says about the Solar Bell. "It is cultivating what we do not think is possible, namely to float."

Impossible concept spawns kick-ass invention? We like your style, fella! 


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