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How to Be a Kickstarter Success

This year has seen a rash of rad Kickstarter projects that meet their funding goals and do a victory dance--only to run into fatal problems later in their product development process. As an entrepreneur with a cool idea, what can you do to make sure your revolutionary product doesn't turn into vaporware? 

Hickies, a shoelace startup based in NYC, might have some clues. The startup was funded at just $165k last year, and has since used that modest amount to relocate its headquarters, secure global distribution, deliver over 500,000 shipments, and develop a second generation product with a promising pipeline. 

Although Hickies isn't exactly high-tech, the company's ability to balance funding and fulfillment offers a lesson in the art of the start that more gadgety Kickstarters could probably use. Read more about Hickies' secrets to success on TechCrunch here. 



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