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Maker Camp 2013

Ah, summer camp. Those halcyon days of imagining every creepy nighttime sound is a hungry, angry bear. Starting today, Google and Make (the brains behind Maker Faire) are launching a different kind of summer extravaganza with Maker Camp, a free six-week program open to Google+ users between the ages of 13 and 18. The online camp will offer daily DIY activities -- like a bike-powered phone charger -- with a live Google+ Hangout to discuss the project with expert makers. Additionally, campers will go on virtual field trips every Friday to places they otherwise might never see, like NASA's Ames Research Center. This year, Maker Camp will also include affiliate campsites at local libraries and youth centers, stocked with nifty gadgets like soldering kits, LEDs, Raspberry Pi boards and Arduino microcontrollers. For more info, check out the video after the break or register by following Make on Google+. Hungry, angry bears need not apply.


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