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One Ring to Unlock Them All

You know how phone companies were trying to get people to bump their phones together a while back? Yeah, that was awkward. 

This NFC Ring makes that technology a little bit cooler. 

The ring is worn on your finger and contains two different NFC inlays. The first faces out, on your knuckle, and contains info that you want to share with others, like your email address. The second faces in, on your palm, and contains info that's private, like your passwords. You can use the ring to unlock your phone, your tablet, or your door with a waving gesture, or to exchange contact info with a new friend via fist bump.

Still a little dorky, sure. But you get to make a Lord of the Rings joke every time you use it, so you might as well just go full geek and enjoy yourself.

At $38 per ring, it's not too dear to try out. And if you're feeling makeresque, you can buy CAD plans to 3D-print your own for just $12. These guys know their market. 

Fist bump!


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