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Poppy at Synapse!

Synapse hosted a HackThings meetup last week, and the very cool Joe Heitzeberg, fellow Seattleite and co-creator of Poppy 3D iPhone attachment, was there.

An iPhone with the Poppy on it got passed around for Synapsters and HackThingers to try out, and it proved to be just as cool as it looked on the Kickstarter. The thrill of looking through a high-tech View-Master was pretty great. Even better was the realization that I could, with the Poppy, take a 3D video of a project I was working on, a car I was thinking of buying, a giant squash from my garden, whatever I wanted--and that image would be rendered more accurate and more real than a 2D iPhone picture. Best: the Poppy was engineered so efficiently, it costs less than $80. Making is fun! 

Thanks for showing the Poppy around, Joe! And thanks for coming, HackThings--being your friend is awesome. 


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