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A Bridge Supported Only By Helium Balloons

At Tatton Park’s third biennial, French artist Olivier Grossetete installed an Up-esque piece of installation art.

Tatton Park is a 16th-century estate on a piece of land in Northwest England that’s been inhabited since the Iron Age. This fall, the park hosted its third biennial, which gathers emerging artists around cerebral topics like myth and memory. This year’s theme--flight--had artists painting decommissioned jetliners and crashing fake UFOs on the estate’s 2,000 acres.

French installation artist Olivier Grossetete took a less direct approach, building a bridge to nowhere called Pont de Singe ("Monkey Bridge"). Grossetete employed three helium balloons--similar to those used to take weather measurements--to create the installation, which sits in the midst of Tatton’s Japanese Garden.

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