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Exercise while you work?

At Synapse we've been transitioning from our beloved bean desks (think: giant desk shaped and colored like a kidney bean) to sit/stand desks. Afterall, we've heard that sitting is the new smoking (source: While I may not be totally sold on the idea of my chair trying to killing me, I can't deny how much better I feel after standing while I work compared to sitting. Oh and I suppose all those studies out there (seriously, google: sitting is the new smoking. Mayo doctors agree!) help in persuading my transition. 

I notice around the office more heads peeking above the rest. But what's the next step (we're always thinking of the next iteration here!)? I'm thinking it's the treadmill desk. Now only if we could make a cycling desk...I think Synapsters would really be into that. I smell a pet project coming on. 

Kirstin Moline- at Synapse Product Development

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