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2012 What to Get Your Lady Friend Gift Giving Guide

2012 What to Get Your Lady Friend Gift Giving Guide- Wall of Cool at Synapse Product Development

Hello Synapsters and friends of Synapse

Every year I publish a gift guide containing the best bets for shopping for the lady in your life.  The 2012 edition has arrived.  As always, I am available for individual consultations and can be paid in chocolate.



Things NOT to get your ladyfriend:

  • Anything electronic (unless explicitly requested.)
  • Socks/scarves (she has enough of this stuff.)
  • Athleticwear/outdoors stuff/anything from REI (unless explicitly requested.  Yes, I know this is what YOU would like for Christmas.)
  • A toaster/vacuum/anything indicating she needs to bone up on her domestic skillz


Things to get your ladyfriend:

Can be obtained within 5 minutes of Synapse

Chances are she already reads one of the blogs that fostered these, and they both just came out so she definitely doesn’t already them, Accoutrements and jewelry from the interwebs:


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