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Chamber Music Hall / Zaha Hadid Architects :: ArchDaily

Synapse has been making changes to our space lately.  We are always hunting for new ideas and inspiration.  Friend of Synapse Aaron Rincover ( sent this page to us to use as inspiration.  I thought it was cool enough to share. 
Zaha Hadid architects built a custom space to surround a chamber music hall that was placed in a much larger room than was appropriate for a chamber music concert.  The architects were able to design a space that mimicked the Bach pieces to be played during the festival, provided and intimate environment for audience and musicians, and provided appropriate reverberation for chamber music.
The space is made of billowing fabric with internal steel walls wraps around itself, the stage and the audience.  When space is not iin use, programmed lighting and auditory effects turn the space into it's own installation for passers-by.

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