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Electric Longboard Commuter

Electric Longboard Commuter - Wall of Cool at Synapse Product Development


When my family moved from the suburbs to the city to be close to school/work some years ago, I decided to go carless.  With 400 ft. elevation drop over 6 miles on quiet side-streets, my commute is ideal for longboarding INTO work, but getting home at the end of the day required excess energy (bus) or time (walking).  I set a goal to construct a personal transportation vehicle using electrochemical energy storage that could achieve parity with gasoline’s cheap energy density.  Gasoline is approximately 23 times cheaper per kWhr than Lead-Acid batteries, and stores almost 50 times more energy per kg.  Clearly the only solution is to reduce the scale of the vehicle.  My old car weighed 3200 lbs and consumed 1/24 gallons per mile, equating to roughly $0.67/mi at an average of 3 minutes per mile in traffic.  The electric longboard clocks in at nearly 8 minutes per mile (still acceptable) but trounces the car at $0.14/mi.  Note:  emergency room visits and misc. medical care costs were *not* factored into the longboard learning-curve.  



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