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PhoneQi for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 on the iTunes App Store

"PhoneQi for iPhone lets you clip, save and share any text you see around you, in newspapers, magazines, books, even on computer screens, as long as it is publicly available online. Only about 6 words are needed on average to locate the text you are looking at among all the documents ever created."

"Exbiblio has created an enterprise that includes both a not-for-profit ".org" entityand a commercial ".com" entity. The two sides are built together, allowing each to share in the other's success.To create a positive impact on global ecological challenges, Exbiblio provides general operating expenses and program-specific grants to non-profit organizations committed to environmental work. By dedicating 15% of the company's equity to this cause upfront, all of Exbiblio's stakeholders help contribute to conservation initiatives around the world. This contribution provides an opportunity to address significant environmental issues while promoting a model of sustainable capitalism to the rest of the business world."

Scott Bright- at Synapse Product Development

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