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WiFi throwies: guerrilla mesh networking!

I picked up one of these nifty little gadgets a little while ago to aid in photo-note-taking (see Then I “happened upon” IkonTools’ fab tear-down report, which in turn got me thinking about the feasibility of a hack: strap a neodymium magnet to a couple of stacked lithium coin cells to make a (relatively) cheap throwie mesh network. Not for anything nefarious of course, just to see if it could be done. well… Here’s a brief rundown of the major stuff inside:

Atheros WiFi, Samsung 2G Flash, Hyperstone Memory Controller, Adam Dunkel’s IwIP TCP/IP Stack running on eCos. Now, I’m mostly a hardware guy, and this is (obviously) mostly a software hack, unless…there’s some easy method of writing .jpeg files to the card from an external host! Hackaday Webserver on a Credit CardOne way might be to borrow from Hack-a-day’s “web sever on a credit card” project. Take your basic PIC24F, add a little CMOS imager and, voila! instant stop-motion wireless webcam throwie! Of course, throw in a cheap SD datalogger and things could get really interesting…!

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