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Lost in Translation: Kickstarting Product Development

Lost in Translation: Kickstarting Product Development- Wall of Cool at Synapse Product Development


Of all the elements to product development, a crowfunded product team is likely to know the least about the manufacturing process. And that's why it's the fourth part in our Kickstarting Product Development series.

This week, Fast Company profiled Kickstarter-funded project Twine in their article, This Is Why Your Kickstarter Project Is Late. The trials and tribulations the company went through were primarily manufacturing-based. Scaling, quality and miscommunications were thorns in their sides.

As part of making the strategic hire, someone on staff should be ready to dive into managing the manufacturing process. This means being on the ground - whether it be in Denver or Hong Kong. It entails ensuring that the product coming off the line meets the integrity of the design and does not become compromised once the runs are scaled up to meet demand. And the most important element of them all - keeping open lines of communications to effectively address the (likely many) issues along the way.

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