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Some real driving skills

10 sets of tires and some real car handling skills.

Think of the logistics of getting access to all these public spaces.

"The fifth edition of the classic series of videos and much smoky tire destruction, Gymkhana, has already come to the Internet. This time with many more drift, many more jumps, many more stunts and of course much more smoke and many more tires.

In fact, this fifth part was so demanding on tire production equipment spending 40 tires recording these 5 minutes and some crazy automotive action.
The location for the recording of the video this time were the streets of San Francisco, which were closed by segment during the 4 day-long recordings. And if the truth is that we also strange those old days when everything was recorded Gymkhana once, in a single run. Or at least that’s what it seemed. Because while the video is clearly dramatic and do not deny that we liked, such abrupt changes of locations we kill the passion and full-throated cry of many shots that were made (we may be wrong, but that’s the feeling that leaves us .)
Finally, Ken Block, who is sponsored by Ford, runs in a Ford Fiesta with AWD and 650 hp of power, so there really is no wonder because it spent 20 pairs of tires. By the way, Travis Pastrana does a cameo on his motorcycle, to add a little more fun to video and other mobile obstacle to driftear Ken around."

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