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Thinking Beyond the Device: Kickstarting Product Development

Thinking Beyond the Device: Kickstarting Product Development- Wall of Cool at Synapse Product Development

We're taking a look at our first tip on what it takes to deliver a product in our Kickstarter series.

Today, consumers want to fall in love with more than the device, they want to fall in love with the brand. This requires much more than just delivering a great gadget. For the new crowdfunded products that are budding to market, many will realize quickly that they must think beyond bringing to market their well-designed device. It's about having a pipeline of product ideas to see through from concept to creation in order to stay relevant in today's fast-paced consumer market.

There's no doubt that this next year will be crowdfunding's coming of age - now that it's here, it must figure out its place among the hardware giants that lead the market and influence consumer preferences. Will Apple introduce a smart watch, eclipsing the Pebble Watch altogether? Is Pebble Watch working on a second version that will leverage quantified self technologies (as Nilay Patel longed for in his review).

Ultimately, these companies will be focused on lining up funding for the next product and thinking about future investors is certainly motivation to make sure they are moving towards brand love from the onset.

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