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Where PD is Headed: Kickstarting Product Development

Where PD is Headed: Kickstarting Product Development- Wall of Cool at Synapse Product Development

In the last post in our series on crowdfunding, we're focusing on what lies ahead in product development and what happens after a device has been manufactured. This is what we at Synapse have been calling 'Support, but as technology evolves at an exponential rate, so do the needs of this segment... and so does our definition of 'Support.'
Once a device is released, the focus switches into full customer service mode. We saw a high-profile example of this last week with reports of the issues Pebble Watch has been experiencing since its launch just a week prior. Of course, intensive quality control during manufacturing helps to mitigate these types of issues. Regardless, once a product is live, the focus is on managing that product and the holistic customer experience.

Today, many products, and certainly the great ones, operate as part of an ecosystem. These devices require much more maintenance than the tweaking of minor issues related to the device. Rather, the devices must perform optimally as part of a larger system. Nike's line of digital products (FuelBand, Nike+ Connect software, etc) is a great example of a technology ecosystem that is giving us just a taste of what this will look like. Will crowdfunding become an advanced enough platform to support the development of this new era of technologies? I can't wait to see.

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