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Dominic Muren spoke at the sixth Ignite Seattle! last night about "Humblefacture" - product design with less regard for smallness, flashiness, coolness, and more thought put into local manufacturability, sustainability, and functionality.

Local manufacturability: does the product or design require a far-away contract manufacturer and expensive, specialized equipment to build, or could anyone build it from local resources using simple processes? Sustainability: does the manufacturing process create untoward amounts of unusable by-product? Will the product last, and can components be replaced individually? When the product breaks down, can it's components be repurposed? Functionality: is the product specialized? Could it have been designed differently to make it more broadly useful, even in unanticipated ways? In today's economy, more people are re-evaluating material goods in terms of how much value they add over their entire lifecycle. Humblefacturing, as I understand it, builds lifecycle value into products from the design phase ground floor up.

Jake Sprouse- at Synapse Product Development

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