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Winners Of 2013 UW Science & Technology Showcase Announced

Winners Of 2013 UW Science & Technology Showcase Announced - Wall of Cool at Synapse Product Development

Our Senior VP of Technology, Skooks Pong, served as a judge at last night's 2013 Science & Technology Showcase at the University of Washington. There were 21 entrepreneurial teams competing total. Here are this year's 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners...

1st place ($1000): InsuLenz

InsuLenz is developing “smart” polymer contact lenses for real-time sensing of blood glucose levels and responsive insulin dosing. Our technology addresses three major gaps in current monitoring and delivery methods. First, our contact lenses will combine glucose monitoring and insulin delivery on one platform. Second, our sensing and administration methods are needle free. Third, by using an ocular platform, we will directly address secondary indications, such as diabetic retinopathy. By removing the need for multiple invasive and expensive systems, our technology will improve patient adherence and reduce the associated costs. Our approach fundamentally changes the way patients receive insulin, and by developing a disruptive technology we will capture significant market share by reimagining the field of diabetes care.

2nd place ($500): iHome3D

iHome3D is a prototype iPhone application that enables users to quickly and easily capture and model their home in minutes. In order to do this the user captures video from around the house in a structured manner. The app then combines data from the camera and motion sensors, along with some basic user interaction to create a virtual tour, floor plan layout and 3D model of the scene. The app generates results in real-time and runs on a commodity smartphone, without the need for any special equipment.

3rd place ($300): CellFocus
Cell-Focus aims to improve global health through the use of a cost-effective attachment which allows a cell phone camera to function as a microscope. By leveraging the recent convergence of affordable consumer electronics available in cell phones, Cell -Focus hopes to combat diseases in developing regions through the use of a low-cost mobile phone based microscope. Our device is simple, durable, cost-effective (1$/unit production cost), and works with any modern cell phone.