Challenges are fuel to stronger solutions.

At Synapse, we engineer products that spark curiosity, transform businesses, and advance the world. Because tomorrow isn’t waiting around. Neither are you.

Teaming up to build a better world.

At Synapse, our mission is to have a positive impact on people and the planet through hardware innovation. With a focus on improving the environment as well as human health and wellness, we’re committed to addressing the world’s most pressing challenges together.


Innovating new ways to have a positive impact on people around the globe.

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Applying hardware engineering expertise to tackle climate change.

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Our DNA: Spirited collaboration. Experienced precision.
Successful partnerships.

Our people, community, and multidisciplinary collaboration are the heart of Synapse. We foster a supportive, invigorating environment in which individuals, teams, and clients thrive. Our culture leads with a welcoming, inclusive spirit that prioritizes meaning and fun in all aspects of the challenging pursuits we share. We enjoy tackling unique challenges, big and small, across disciplines, categories, and industries. We say yes when conventional wisdom says no. It is this DNA that has enabled us to repeatedly deliver cutting-edge innovations to the world and build lasting relationships with our clients for over 20 years.

We are Synapse

We are Synapse.

Vincent is a yo-yo master. Kaethe is an opera singer. Mike can design an antenna for anything.

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Innovation begins here.

With a client-centric systems approach and hardware at our core; we focus on building trust with your teams–developing long-term relationships as we work together to build products and complex systems that advance the world.

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“Synapse did in 10 weeks with 3 engineers what our company would have taken 14 months and 20 people to do.”

The best relationships start small.

Innovation doesn’t happen with a big bang. It’s a sketch on the back of a receipt. A chance encounter, a conversation you can’t quit. Innovation starts small, builds trust, and develops lasting connections.