Elevate the human experience.

We believe in the power of innovation to improve human lives.

Our business is about people, and our endless pursuit of cultivating a workplace where each person feels healthy and happy is just part of the story. As partners to some of the most beneficent brands and non-profits, we provide novel hardware innovation to improve healthcare, equity, and quality of life across the globe.

Hardware for health, equity, and happiness.

Unlocking new methods to build strength, track and treat health conditions, access knowledge, and experience joy.

Improving user experiences, making life easier, and putting smiles on faces

Connecting the physical and digital worlds for a 360-degree view of health and wellness

Bringing brilliant minds together for positive social change that lasts

Helping people make positive lifestyle changes to reduce their environmental impact

Inclusive design.

Expand functionality, and usability, and reach a broader market by combining user-centered design with novel technologies from gesture recognition to miniaturization.

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