Inclusive Design

At its core, inclusive design is better design. When we ask questions like who else could use this product, how else might they interact with it, and in what other situations might it be used, we make products more impactful by fostering innovation, broadening markets, and increasing customer loyalty. At Synapse, we believe it’s our responsibility to recognize the engineering decisions that could impact product inclusion and equity. As the digital world becomes increasingly integral to our lives, it’s imperative that we design for digital inclusion, accessibility, and intersectionality.

Inclusive Design

Contextual awareness

There is no one “natural UI,” but through inclusive design we can design for various abilities, disabilities, preferences, and situational differences in order to provide the most natural interaction for an individual at any given moment. At Synapse, our work in fields like zero UI and AI at the edge elevate technology to meet human needs in intuitive, seamless ways. From voice control to haptic touch, natural UI technologies create unprecedented opportunities to meet individual needs.

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Seamless and intuitive feedback mechanisms

A strong systems engineering approach is critical to create reliable connected device ecosystems and spaces that are inclusive. Understanding context, such as gestures and surroundings, helps realize a more inclusive UI, and we have deep experience developing gesture-based algorithms for diverse populations and use cases. Our multi-disciplinary teams of experts, combined with our inclusive design practice, help ensure that your inclusive design intent doesn’t get lost through engineering decisions.

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Product developers in Femtech need an understanding of women’s unmet health and wellness needs. With the Ava bracelet and the Pebl device, our expert team of women engineers established user stories and customer priorities early in addition to gathering anthropometric, biomechanic, and biometric data. This deep understanding of the target market led to highly efficient design cycles and one of the fastest-to-market products we’ve seen at Synapse.

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Engineering development process

Integrating inclusive design into the engineering development process from the beginning helps to ensure that our technologies are truly enhancing consumers’ safety, enjoyment, and productivity — allowing for the highest impact. If inclusive design is new to you, we can guide you through inclusive design in product or system architecture, feature decisions, integration, and testing stages.

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