Reframing the boundaries of hardware innovation.

Reframing the boundaries of hardware innovation.

Our approach relies on multidisciplinary collaboration and injects innovation throughout a development process tailored to your unique needs.

Technology Solutions

The latest technical solutions for business transformation.

We’re tuned in to the impact of technology on new and existing markets, helping you to identify the right hardware solutions to bring real benefit to your business. And then, of course, make them a reality.

Give your products the smarts to enable digital transformation for your business and improve your user experiences. Connect devices to mobile phones and the cloud with custom antenna design, RF circuitry, communication protocols, data handling, and architecture.

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Custom embedded system design bringing both electrical circuit and PCB/FPC layout as well as full-stack embedded firmware to make smart products a reality. Includes ultra low-power management for battery-powered devices, custom sensing and actuation, embedded algorithms, digital security, communications. From bare metal firmware to RTOSs to mobile operating systems on application processors.

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Physical sciences that enable novel sensing, food and beverage systems, thermal management, and other science-led innovations.

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Expand functionality, usability, and reach a broader market by combining user-centered design with novel technologies from gesture recognition to miniaturization.

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Design your products with cost, manufacturability, and automation in mind from the start. Prototype the manufacturing processes in our unique in-house Build Labs to ramp up mass production efficiently, hit your specs, and enable a smooth transfer to the CM.

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Fit an impressive amount of technology into your iconic industrial design. Choreography and collaboration across electrical, mechanical, and manufacturing disciplines to minimize power consumption and simplify parts for optimized packaging.

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Close the gap for users between the physical and digital worlds with accessible voice, audio, haptics, actuation, gesture recognition, environmental sensing, and more.

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Enable custom intelligent robotics as well as repeatable automation through the design of mechanisms and mechatronics as well as sensing and control systems.

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Maximize reliability and useful life for users by engineering for waterproofing, impact resistance, cyclic fatigue, and other environmental hazards.

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Provide value to users by gathering difficult-to-obtain data from the physical world through custom sensing, then turning that data into insights via custom algorithms and AI at the edge and/or in the cloud.

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Minimize the climate impact of your product while also gaining benefits for users and driving profitability by assessing and improving its holistic carbon footprint throughout the development process, from architecture through manufacturing.

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Product Development Services

Expertise in product realization for when the stakes are high.

With over 20 years of experience in bringing our clients’ products to market, you can rely on us to guide you from conception to commercialization.

Solve acute design and engineering challenges when it matters most.

Take a holistic approach to product design and delivery.

Identify the best technology path to achieving a remarkable product experience.

Optimize and accelerate your product to market. Speed up production, improve yield, and save money.

Mastermind hardware technology to enable your digital transformation.

Demonstrate your product concepts, engage key stakeholders, and conduct user research.

Prove technology feasibility before further investment.

Engineering Disciplines

The best teams are multidisciplinary.

Every project is unique. We custom-build collaborative teams of top engineers, technology leaders, and essential project managers to transform your visions into reality.

Electrical Engineering

Firmware Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Mobile & Desktop App Development

New Product Introduction

PCBA Layout

Program Management

Quality Engineering

RF Engineering

Strategy Consulting

Sustainable Design Engineering

Systems Engineering