Our world-class product design and engineering push the boundaries of what’s possible. When conventional wisdom says size matters, Synapsters challenge the status quo. Our clients depend on us to find creative and innovative solutions that integrate several types of technologies into their products no matter how small the devices are.

Miniaturized IoT Devices and Iconic Product Designs

Nike fuelband

Pioneer in compact design

At Synapse, our engineers believe in crossing boundaries and pushing the envelope to enable iconic designs. We examine every component with a critical eye from prototype to final finish to ensure the product is optimized for size, aesthetics, performance, and cost. Our pursuit of original and flawless design has inspired us to pursue new ways of building batteries, crafting novel antennas, and creating manufacturing techniques that have never been used before.

The first curved lithium-polymer battery

Life-changing technology

Our expertise in wearables enables us to collaborate with clients right from the get-go. From waterproofing to overmolding electronics to designing flexible electronic systems, Synapse engineers’ repertoire is deep yet broad. We can help startups navigate cost and performance tradeoffs and develop the product form, or design version two of a product such as the second-generation fertility-tracking Ava bracelet that offers more performance and new functionality at a lower cost.

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Cutsforth miniature IoT sensor

IoT-Powered Solutions

Synapsters think creatively and leverage Internet of Things technology to build industrial-grade smart devices that can capture data in constrained environments. We developed an IoT solution that helped Cutsforth prolong the life of power generators, eliminate unnecessary manpower, and modernize power plant operations.

Cutsforth IoT sensors