Cube Action Camera

Empowering Polaroid to hold firm to their design intent and release an exciting, iconic product.

Polaroid, in collaboration with Ammunition, debuted the prototype for the new Polaroid Cube at CES 2014, to some serious buzz. The Cube is an ambitiously small (1.3” x 1.3”) action sports camera equipped with a 5 megapixel CMOS sensor, 120-degree wide-angle lens, HD video, 2GB internal storage, micro SD card slot, microphone, and an LED light. Tightly packing all the components while retaining the advertised size of the Cube proved a large challenge. After struggling with three different Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs), Ammunition engaged Synapse to develop solutions that would enable the product to meet goals for size, aesthetics, performance, and cost.

Synapse illustrated the benefits and drawbacks of several different configurations, and implemented a battery solution that allowed maximum recording time and proper alignment of the optical chain. The solutions Synapse delivered allowed the client to maintain original design intent while meeting the needs of their market.