Hardware to save a planet.

We’re rooted in sustainability.

We’ve made a core commitment to creating a more sustainable and equitable future for all. As a driving force of innovation and technological transformation for our clients, we’re building our capabilities in climate technology to deliver immediate environmental impact. We see our work in sustainable design as another pathway to help our clients meet future challenges. This includes making products that last longer, consume less energy, and use recycled materials as part of a circular economy.

We’re measuring, reducing, and offsetting the greenhouse gas emissions from our operations.

Sustainable product design.

Our sustainable design capabilities help you assess and improve the carbon footprints of your products throughout development. This approach often offers a triple benefit: your products not only are environmentally conscious, but they offer an improved user experience and increased profitability.

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Climate Technology Innovation

We bring expertise in areas such as fluidics, physical sciences, and energy generation, storage, and efficiency to help develop the latest technologies and products addressing climate change.

Introducing cutting-edge products and making it easier to adopt more sustainable habits

Developing innovative ways to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and re-use it or store it

Improving existing methods and pioneering new growing, harvesting, and delivery systems

Keeping people safe, enhancing driver experience, and increasing the efficiency of vehicles and delivery operations

Increasing operational efficiency and reducing costs through actionable data-driven insights

Improving efficiency and efficacy bringing us closer to a circular economy

Advancing energy capture, storage, and application

Enhancing the efficiency of buildings and shifting their energy sources to reduce their total impact

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It’s not all doom and gloom. Listen to our new podcast exploring the physical technology innovations that are giving us hope in the fight against climate change.

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