Recon Jet

Recon Jet is smart eyewear designed for runners, cyclists, and fitness enthusiasts. Featuring a powerful wearable computer, Jet enables athletes to see their key performance stats, view smartphone notifications and access mapping functions instantly in its high-contrast display, located just below the athlete’s right eye. Jet even shoots photos and video with its integrated camera. Learn more about Recon Jet.

Recon Instruments approached Synapse with its vision of a smart eyewear device built for athletes. After iterating through multiple design, prototyping rounds, and establishing the device’s industrial design and feature list, Recon engaged Synapse for mechanical manufacturing readiness support. The Synapse team used design-for-manufacturing methodologies and mechanical engineering expertise to bring the complex design to production readiness. Synapse collaborated closely with Recon to incorporate the components needed to enable the desired mechanical features while maintaining the integrity of the industrial design. The Synapse team built rapid prototypes of critical design features, including a joystick mechanism to adjust the display’s position and orientation, sealing mechanisms that were easy to manufacture and assemble, and an improved snap-fit attachment system for the engine and battery modules. Synapse reimagined how Jet’s expansive feature set could be implemented and packaged into the device’s remarkably small form factor. The last step was to deliver the solution with a cost-efficient production strategy.