Robotics and Mechatronics

Scale impact in the physical world. Our teams apply the latest in mechatronics, sensing, and control systems to enable groundbreaking intelligent robotic products as well as automated systems across industry applications — from consumer products to medical devices, mobility, and industrial automation.

Robotics and Mechatronics Services

Mechatronics and Machine Design

Robotics is hard. Designing a single joint driven by an actuator requires consideration of DoF, range of motion, precision, kinematics, mechanical loads — the list is long. Designing an entire robot means repeating this feat many times, integrating many sensors and feedback mechanisms and then getting them to all work together. We’re skilled in understanding complex systems, generating novel solutions to tricky problems, and pulling together a multidisciplinary team.

Mechatronics and machine design

Systems with motion often have challenging cost, power, performance, reliability, and form factor requirements and tradeoffs. Our mechatronics and machine design experts conceive holistic architectures that balance these tradeoffs, bringing together the right structures, actuators, drives, sensors, power supplies, and other components needed to reliably interact with the physical world.

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Control systems and autonomy

We bring expertise in classical control systems as well as machine vision and AI to create elegant solutions for autonomous systems that address real-world environmental challenges. Our deep expertise in real-time embedded systems and edge processing enable us to address the challenges of latency and connectivity as well.

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Environmental sensing

Our teams have world-class expertise in optical and vision systems, 3D holographic radar, acoustics, DSP, wireless systems, and custom location-tracking technologies — all of which helps us design and implement advanced sensing systems that enable safe and reliable autonomous movement.

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