Manufacturing Readiness

Brilliant designs realized on schedule, cost, and quality goals. Planning for manufacturing starts at design conception and continues until the product is successfully manufactured. Early design for manufacturing is baked into our process, with our NPI engineers being part of the design teams. Our build labs position us to prove out the challenging parts of the manufacturing process inline with the product design, minimizing the risk of schedule delays and cost overruns.

Manufacturing Design and Readiness Strategy

Manufacturing strategy

We work closely with our clients to craft a manufacturing strategy that aligns with their business goals. We can address a wide variety of manufacturing questions, such as location, manufacturer, business model, geopolitical risks, cost, carbon footprint, tariffs, and how best to harden supply chains against disruptions.

Synapse build labs

The Synapse build labs are world-class manufacturing facilities used to develop, validate, and de-risk manufacturing processes concurrently with product design. Clients save time and money as data collected during pre-manufacturing builds allows for smoother and faster transfer to production while maintaining high quality and yield. The labs further de-risk supply chain and schedule issues prior to manufacturer selection. And when requested, manufacturers can attend builds and provide early design for manufacturing (DfM) feedback.

“At the end of the day, without the independent support of Synapse’s team, we wouldn’t have achieved our goals for cost, performance, and time to market.”

— Nikhil Goel, Uber

Strategic design

As world leaders in product development, creating breakthrough technology is simply what we do, and design for excellence (DfX) is baked into that process. We focus on risk reduction during every stage of development, ensuring we always reach the right technology choices for our clients. From the outset of each project, we live and breathe design for assembly (DfA), test (DfT), cost (DfC), supply chain (DfSC), and disassembly (DfD) to minimize environmental impact.

Costing analysis

Understanding product costs from the earliest design stages is essential to ensuring profitability. From the architecture phase, we model mass production costs of goods sold (COGS) to ensure costs align with each client’s business needs. Throughout the design process, we update and monitor COGS and drive design decisions to achieve cost targets.