Natural User Interfaces

Unlock efficient and immersive digital experiences. As digital innovation explodes, the interface between people and the digital world is undergoing an equally impactful transformation. Innovative companies are leading the way by making it simpler and more efficient for people to interact with technology. We enable innovative services and business models through development across VR, AR, digital assistants, custom touch, biometrics, audio, and other custom interfaces.

Natural User Interfaces

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Contextual awareness

We have deep expertise capturing inputs from people and the environment across sensing modalities and mechanisms, including and beyond the human senses — from touch interfaces and custom buttons to voice controls, vision-based gesture recognition, location awareness, and more.

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Seamless and intuitive feedback mechanisms

For human augmentation to reach its full potential, it needs to go beyond sensing users — it needs to also provide intuitive feedback to them in real time. We have expertise interfacing with the human senses, using tools spanning from the latest display technologies and custom optical systems to audio and haptics.

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Human understanding

We go beyond capturing user inputs and providing feedback by fusing sensors and using algorithms and AI to understand users and their intent in a way that more closely mimics how people interact with each other.

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Human augmentation

Whether you aspire to launch a breakthrough product or to significantly improve your operating efficiency, the latest in sensing, machine learning, and user interfaces will enable you to capitalize on the game-changing trends of human augmentation. Our ability to bring together and integrate solutions in virtual reality, augmented reality, wearables and biometrics, and digital interfaces empowers our clients to deliver breakthrough innovation in their markets.